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Off days are really meant for break time!
Sunday, March 28, 2010 11:43 PM

I enjoyed myself yesterday.
With family, aunts, uncle, cousins and boyfriend
being put together,
there's no further reason as to why
I should not enjoy yesterday's outing!
All except Mr Boyfriend met at ION first to get our late
lunch and then accompanied by
window-shopping as well as mini shopping from some of us.

Around 6pm, we headed down to Bugis.
The MAK-MAK, as usual, stop by at the
kedai kain to buy kain for the upcoming Hari Raya.
This year, mum get myself 3 kain songket!!
Wooohoo!! Baik la mother! I love you la!

After which, headed to Merdandy to
have our sheesha session.

Soon after, My boyfriend arrived.

I miss him sooo much la!!
Overall, I had so much fun, especially
playing the stupid finger game! HAHA!


I'm back!
Friday, March 26, 2010 5:13 PM

I have to admit that I've left my blog for a month plus!
This all all due to prolong busy schedule as well as fatigue for
having to work my ass out!

I managed to get 2 weeks off after 2 weeks of constant
working, standing 9 hours every day!
Pheeww! Hazlinda, your turn to work your ass out!

Oh well, recently, we just had a triple date outing
to the Fish and Chix outlet
at Sembawang. Well, it was awesome (at least to me)
because we played the water and eventually got ourselves wet!
Yes, we did have fun till I burst into laughters, with of course, tears of joy as well!
Apart from that, the girls personally think that our boys should
do more catching up and
warm out because only at the end of the outing that
they turned out active!

(Muke penjenayah sei. CUTE!)

Oh.. Today is 26th March!! Ring any bells?
Alright for those who don't, today is indeed my dearest boyfriend
turning 20!!! Yeah, he's all grown up now.
I hope that he's more mature in
choosing the best for him and I wish him good
luck for his future ahead!
I will help you, my dear, guiding u in terms of academically.
You don't worry alright?
But of course, I need you to help yourself too!
I hope you will wear that VANS shoes
I've given you dear!
Wo Ai Ni!

And as for tomorrow, the cousins and aunts will be
meeting up for a karaoke and sheesha session! How cool is that?
Aunt ask Mr Boyfriend to tag along but
he told me he will join us for sheesha only.
Reason being, he is shy to sing!
Pathetic sei b! Ok takpe.
I've got to go now. I've to meet boyfriend and his family
for his birthday celebration at Pizza Hut! Till then!!


Happy 36th Monthsary...
Monday, February 8, 2010 11:59 PM

Today, marks the 36th Monthsary I've known the love of my life.
He is none other than my Norishzam Bin Saat....

it has been a pleasure knowing you for 3 years.
I've never a pinch feel regretted knowing you.
Being with you by my side is like having my
strongest pillar of my strengths.

Although shits do happen at times,
we now know how to handle them with the
maturity of ours and with a little help
of understanding from either of us.
Thank you, so much, for the wonderful times
we had years back up till now.

It feels like as though I've known you just yesterday.
I promise, my love for you will forever stays for eternity,
for the rest of my life..... I love you so much dear.
I love my Norishzam. I love US. Just me and you.

Nurul Aini


Tuesday, January 26, 2010 12:33 AM

Hello World!

I'm going to make this post as short and sweet as possible.
This week is going to be not-so-hectic-as-last-week week!
Baby will now be busy with rehearsals for 4 days + 1 day for B.E.
I'll be lonely for this 5 days and I think I can be a retard at home after school.

On a positive note, my 3 years anniversary is drawing near!
Simply can't wait to carry out my plans! I hope it's gonna work
like I how I keep on replaying it in my mind!
Alright, have to go now.
See you all soon!

I find him cute in this picture.

And I'm missing you dear!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 11:49 PM

My life has been pretty hectic this week.
Firstly, I'm busy with work during the weekends.
Secondly, I'm always back home late at night and this
can irritate me at times.

This Haylie ehhh is wayy too cute la!
She's truely a blur sotong and wayy too hilarious!
I love it when she's in class. Jokerr!

It's either I have to help my
friends (Haylie jek actually) accompany them to somewhere or I simply slack with
Baby's friends at the track. But I love hanging out with them
because they are simply talking nonsense and making you laugh like hell.
This is the moment when you'll be surprised with the time.
I will always be home from the time range of 10-10.30pm. laaaahhh!!!!
That's the reason why I have been leaving my blog alone.
And right now, I have back pain.

Habes tu mataer aku pulak belom balek dari Bloco punye
training. Then kan.. Aku tengah boring la..

Si zuzuu pulak da offline siang-siang.. Haizz.
Ape punye MAY babies la lu! Tidoo siang jek tao...

And I'm sooo looking forward for this Saturday because
Zuzuu, Halimahtus Saadiah, Fai, Izam and I will
venture out to SENTOSA and hang out there!!
~~I gotta feeling... wooohooooooooooo... that that day will be a good day... ~~~

Ok la.. Nak la.. Penat..

and Ganesh.. Your monkey-look-alike face is damn funny!
I likeee!!! That thing alone can make me laugh for one month!!


Izam izam.... HAHAHAHHA.
Friday, January 15, 2010 12:14 AM

My dear did this while he was in the midst of his lesson.
How sweet! So people, we both are under the WANTED list.
Need a reward? Find us!

I was supposed to study for my Genetics UT
which falls on Friday (which turns out to be today) but
unfortunately, nothing goes insides my head.
So, I have decided to just abolish my intention of studying
and do whatever I want...

Today, my dear didn't go for Bloco Rehearsal for he has
to attend to his practical lesson at BBDC.
Before he went off, we actually spent some time together
playing guessing games and somehow, this word comes out
from his mouth, 'TUALA EMAS!'.

What the heck sia Tuala Emas?!?!?
I burst to laughter spontaneously.
Baby, you're always a clown to me.
I love today's bonding session!
Let's play some more games, shall we?

And look what he did during his free time...
Just seconds ago....


Trying to be funny eh B?
Ok la.. Funny la..
This boy really need a spank from me
for being extraordinarily cute!!
I love you sweetheart! Muacckss!


handphone hilang kejap jek.
Monday, January 11, 2010 11:53 PM

Today, I shall consider myself lucky.
Wanna know why?
Here's the story...

I LOST my handphone down at Timezone located at
Causeway Point while I was so enthu playing the games there with
Haylie, Zuzu and my boyfriend!

I remember myself putting my fone at my pocket
(which is a usual ritual for me) while sitting in this
3D animation thingy. After which, we straight away rushed towards
the car racing games simply because all of us were so eager to play.
After the matched among us, I took my bag and touch my pocket (again, usual ritual)
to have the confirmation that my handphone is inside my pocket..

Uusally, I feel secure because my handphone
will always be in my pocket...
But this time.................... I PANIC!!!!!!
I rummaged through my bags and pockets like for umpteenth times and
it wasn't there at all!!

The next thing I knew, I cried.
Like baby siaa. Boyfriend hug me and told me to calm down.
The other two were searching high and low for me.
Ok Ok. to make the story short la kan..
The staff from Timezone finally came to me and handed me my phone.
They found it at the 3D animation thingy place.
I lost my phone for 15-20 mins but thanks to Allah, I got it back!!
Thank you Zuzuu and Halimahtus, my dearest girlfriends for the effort to search for it.
Thank you Izam, my dearest boyfriend for staying beside me, calming me down.

ARRGGGHH!! I'm happy now! Ok. tired now. Tmr continue blogging k!


Dear Izam,
Saturday, January 9, 2010 12:13 AM

To my dearest boyfriend, Norishzam:
Happy 35th Monthsary to us.
We have made it this far although there are some
tiffs right in between.
I have been loving you for almost 3 years and
no matter what, I won't stop loving you.
Love is all about sharing our joys, laughters, sadness and
in short, simply everything, together.

For the past 2 months, life has taught us the meaning of true love.
It teaches us to be more understanding and mature.
Be more concern and loving, no matter what.
To respect each other and trusting one another in any
situation that either one of us is in.

You know what dear? I was on the verge of tears when you keep
on saying sorry to me just now, for not making me happy.
You took my hand and apologize even though I don't
actually say anything of you being in wrong.

You promised me to bring me somewhere on Monday to celebrate our
monthsary because you know I was sad that we couldn't make it today.
How sweet can you be dear? I love you so much darling!


My neck cramp sei!
Thursday, January 7, 2010 11:52 PM

I just received a text message from Mr Boyfriend
that he is on his way home.
Time check: 11.55pm.
5 more minutes to a new day and he just ended with his Bloco Rehearsal.
I pitied him because he have to attend all the rehearsals, even during weekdays
and one of the weekends, up till the Chingay ends.

Oh Chingay!! Can you pretty please come quick?
I don't like it if my honey bear here is pretty worn out.
He'll get sick easily and it sucks to see someone whom you love
to be sick.

And because of this rehearsals and such, we had to give our coming 35th
anniversary a miss on this Saturday.
Quite sad though but I understand his situation.
It's alright dear, we have one more month for our biggest day,
36th Monthsary (3 years) + Valentine's Day!! I'm so looking forward for this.
I shall start planning carefully for our happy moments on that very day.
Looks like I have no choice but to work on all the weekends for this month!

As for now, I shall continue to download more latest songs while waiting
my Izam to be home.

I love you so much dear!


I nak CABOT!!
11:42 AM

and ALL this is because of that Indian Faci who doesn't seem to help
the class understand the whole thing at all!!!!!

Alright KIWEKS, pack your bag and belah JOMZ!!!


1:03 AM

I have finally updated my blog!
Thanks to my own motivation to clear off the accumulated dust here..
It has been nearly months ever since I last logged in to my account.

Since I have decorated my backgrounds and make certain changes to my blog,
I shall now frequently use my blog to start ranting my daily lives!!
Oh Oh! My dear has been waiting for me! Got to go folks!
See you all real soon! Be sure to catch my stories! (:

I love you my dear IZAM!!


Izam, WO AI NI!
Tuesday, December 15, 2009 10:38 PM

Finally, RP is having its 3 weeks holidays!
Thank goodness! As such, Mr Izam decided to meet me earlier on
for a movie date down at Ang Mo Kio Hub before he goes for Bloco Rehearsal.
I swear the Cathay down there is much better than the one
at Causeway Point!

We watched COUPLES RETREAT because we've watched other movies.
I find that this particular movie is best watch for couples who are having
domestic problems. A little of therapy for them. Anyway, I enjoyed the movie
as much as I enjoy myself with the presence of Mr Boyfriend by my side.

Right now, I'm thankful to Allah for giving me the happiness that I've
been wanted. I feel that Izam and I are doing really well right now.
We both have never fail-ed to say we love each other at the end of the day.
I love you so much dear! I wouldn't want to lose you ever again.


It's really been a long time..
Friday, December 11, 2009 12:39 AM

Hello people out there!
I just feel that I have abandon this page of mine for quite a while.

It's going to be a month I'm back with him and so far so good.
No grudges, no quarrels and no everything!
Simply the best moments between the both of us.
Aini really likes this and I'm pretty sure Izam, too, will like it!!

I can feel the differences between both parties.
Perhaps, the past have made us realized the importance of the future.
I love you so much honey. Only you can make me smile, all day long.

Last Monday, Baby tag my family along to Pizza Hut to celebrate Daddy's Birthday.
I hope he enjoyed the time there simply because my family rocks the day!
Here are some of the pictures!!

Sweet right? Yeah, mum practically told us to do this,
saying, 'malu-malu kucing konon!'.
To show that we aren't actually shy, we did it!
It's proven dear mummy! HAHAHA.

I miss my sweetheart right now because he's off to Jakarta and will only be
back by Sunday. 2 more days only. Can one la Aini.
Hope you and your family are safe throughout the
entire journey dear, insyaallah. Amin.
I love you so much sayang. See you real soon!


Nurul Aini is my name.
Aini is my preferred sobriquet.
I'm turning 19 this May 18th.
Diploma in Biomedical Science in Republic Polytechnic.
Hoping to be a Medical Technologist.

My 'I LOVE YOU TO-THE-MAX Boyfriend' !!!
3 years and counting..

Having A wonderful FAMILY is such a bliss!
& Fortunately, i've owned one. ~xoxo~
Not Forgetting, My lovely friends who are always by my side.